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P.S.H. is actively looking for new adventures to explore and bring new content to the website and other pages. We appreciate everyone who has been with us since the beginning and hope you will stick around for the next chapter in our paranormal quest to find answers to the unknown.

July 21, 2023
Due to unforeseen circumstances the Cresson investigation is at a standstill right now. We are hoping to get answers as soon as possible once all of the dust has settled. Hopefully, we will still be able to bring you fans this experience. Thank you for your support. 

June 28, 2023
P.S.H. has its eyes on Cresson Sanitarium and Prison in Lily, PA and is looking forward to this investigation as it will be one of our biggest locations that we have done to date. The investigation will be August 25, 2023 @ 7pm.

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